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​Singer & UnitMember & Model​

-Any time-

Flow until debut

​all at no cost




​Second screening audition




​ Trainee start



Skill Up/ Management​

​ Dance, singing, language, manners



​ unit formation



​Required conditions for application

Women aged 16-30, taller than 160cm

Male aged 16-30, taller than 170cm

​Regardless of nationality or language

​*Do not belong to an office or organization

Men and women who are healthy both physically and mentally

Audition held decision! !
September 3rd and September 17th



3-19-11 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 222-0033

Kase Building 88 2F


*Please come to the second floor reception on the day.

Reception hours, event details

   9/3 (Sat)

Reception starts at 16:00 We will guide you in order → Audition starts

Receptionendsat 16:30


9/17  (Sat)

Reception starts at 18:00 → We will guide you in order → Audition starts

Receptionends at 18:30

! ​Please be punctual!

*The order of those who receive the audition may change.

※​The audition may be closed depending on the number of people.

​ *The time varies depending on the audition date you participate in

​ *Please note that parents cannot attend the audition.

​Audition details

​Self-promotion → A cappella 1 minute (chosen by yourself) → Dance to the set song (choreography you thought of yourself)

1st ​ About the result announcement

*We will inform you of the results later by email or phone.

​ *If you pass, we will send you the details of the second screening.

​ *Please note that the audition will be recorded on the day of the event.


Application form​

to meet you

​ I'm really looking forward to it


  • ​The audition does not incur any costs for application.

  • If you are a minor, please be sure to enter after obtaining the consent of your guardian.

  • ​Please be sure to enter the correct contact information and contact information.

  • ​Details of the process after being hired will be provided at the briefing session for successful applicants.

  • ​ Those who do not belong to a specific production

Your application has been received!

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